About the Founder

My name is Inna Sidoruk and I am a fragrance specialist, the founder of Lõhnakas OÜ (former Lõhnaturundus OÜ) and the Estonian Association of Fragrance Specialists, the creator of the Lõhnakas trademark, a representative of the Estonian Aromatherapy Association and the main sponsor of the Estonian fragrance creation project.

My goal is to offer customized aroma and music solutions, as well as special hobby groups, using only natural scents to create a suitable atmosphere in the living or working environment and to increase the feeling of well-being.

I have been in the field of music and training for 10 years. In 2009 I completed my secondary vocational education at the Heino Eller Music College in Tartu, and since then I have been constantly improving myself.

In the spring of 2015, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Tartu with a master`s degree in business and technology management. I majored in teaching entrepreneurship. As a result, a master’s thesis on the scent marketing possibilities using  the example of two companies has been completed and successfully defended, which has been the first scientific approach in this field in Estonia so far.

As a scent marketing promoter, I have studied the effectiveness of scent marketing in the field of sales, service and training.

In the spring of 2016, I graduated from the Faculty of Education of the University of Tartu with a degree in pre-school pedagogy. I defended a master’s thesis on 6-7 year olds’ perception of advertisements and advertising as a whole and the underlying values associated with it. In addition, I have researched advertising semiotics in print advertising by using the example of two Estonian advertising agencies.

Afterwards, I have collaborated with both the University of Tartu and Tallinn University. I have been invited to speak, and supervise, and advise students on research.

Outside Estonia, I have participated in several international conferences (e.g. in the Netherlands, Russia) and represented the company Lõhnakas OÜ and the Estonian Association of Fragrance Specialists. I have also collaborated with reputable research institutions abroad (e.g. Scent Marketing Institute).

Aromas have always had a place in my life – scents are inspiring! I have become acquainted with aromatherapy and my interest in various essential oils and their interactions and effects has grown over the years. I am the leader of a hobby group (preschool music group) for preschoolers.

Exploring the role of aromatherapy and fragrances in people’s lives is my passion. Since scent marketing is such a new subject in the Estonian marketing landscape and its development presents an unusually wide range of opportunities, I plan to contribute to the development of scent marketing and be committed to this sphere for a longer period of time.


I have been asked many times about my attitude towards the widespread opinion that scent marketing is a manipulative and misleading marketing practice for consumers. Of course, if desired, all marketing activities can be considered as indirect manipulation, but without marketing, in today’s highly competitive world, it is almost impossible for companies to succeed, and undoubtedly, scent marketing offers entrepreneurs another smart marketing tool to run a successful business.

In the case of scent marketing, what is important is the way how it is presented to consumers. This marketing method can certainly be misleading if you do not know how to properly apply it in practice. To do this properly, a number of factors should be taken into account, which excludes the risk of consumers being misled. When marketing goods, it is essential good commercial practices be taken into account, which is also provided for in the Consumer Protection Law Act.

Scent marketing is still in its infancy in Estonia

Ten years ago, music marketing in Estonia was at the same rudimentary level as scent marketing is today. Music played in stores has been accepted by people for years now, and without it, the atmosphere of the store can no longer be imagined. I sincerely believe that scent marketing has a future in Estonia. In my opinion, scent marketing is an area that should not be feared or treated with prejudice.