For business customers, we offer innovative room scenting solutions based on customer needs. The purpose and aromatization needs can vary. They can be marketing, aimed at promoting the creation and development of the working environment or at increasing productivity, etc. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service for the aromatization of various premises with natural oils, ranging from the possibility of obtaining advice, choosing the right scent or aroma mixture to selecting a device with its further installation and necessary maintenance.

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• Scent marketing
• Aroma design
• Aroma branding
Aroma catering

For private clients, we offer unique aroma – music groups of interest. It is possible for individuals of different age groups to participate in hobby groups as well as to receive individual instruction and personal guidance.

Aroma – music groups of interest are aimed at taking care of both your mental and your physical health. Both smell and music have significant effects on people’s health and behavior. Numerous scientific studies highlight their influence on health and academic performance: e.g. learning, human heart function, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc.

Music and smells can help improve a person’s memory and power of concentration. Music and smells are important components in creating mood and emotions and awakening memories. They can both calm and excite a person.

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